Welcome to the site Brabant fights against water. In this site we try to pay attention to the flood of 1953 and 1995 in the Netherlands and what the causes of these flood were. We also pay attention to ”het land van Heusden en Altena’ as we use to live their and its connection and history with water. We hope you can find the information you are looking or learn somethings about the history of the Netherlands and its relation with water.


Flood of 1953

In the early morning of 1 February 1953 a storm hit the Zeeuwse delta, Brabant en Zuid-Holland destroying dikes at more than 90 places. While every one was sleeping, south-western part of the Nederlands flooded. In the chaos following the flood 1835 died.



After the flood of 1953 everyone agreed that something had to be done to prevent a such a flood.In 1958 the first delta work was build and the last one in 1997. Take a look at all the 13 delta works and see how they have been build.


Flood of 1995

The flood of 1995 is still fresh in the minds of the Dutch people. High water, evacuations and dikes that could burst any moment.. How did the Dutch people handle this and how did they prevent the bursting of the dikes?


The Biesbosh

Close to ”Het land van Heusden en Altena” lays the national park ”de Biesbosh”. Everyone in the Netherlands knows this place but doesn’t what the history of this parc is. Click on the link below and go journey through this park.



The ”vestingsdriehoek’ is very unique area at the border of three provinces. The city in the vestingsdriehoek have fight their own battle in their manner with the water but also with each other. Take a look in Gorichem, Woudrichem en go back to the time of knights in Loevestein.



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