De Maeslantkering | Deltaworks


The delta plan also provided a new storm surge barrier in the waterway. But the question of the government, how are you going to build, because Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world and the New Waterway is one of the main routes for shipping to the port of Rotterdam, so just shut obviously has many implications for the Dutch economy. There was another solution be devised. The first solution was to raise embankments and dikes, but that proved too much work and cost too much money.

So there was only one option, namely to build a flood barrier in the New Waterway. But, so nobody saw it all close down. So another solution had to be invented. And who was there. The solution to all problems was a movable flood barrier. But how would that work, for a delta work as the Hollandse IJssel would not meet in the new waterway, there are 80,000 ship movements a year and the loading and unloading of ships moet tegenwoordig ook faster and as a ship lock to pass duurt very long before a ship back to sea. There must be a barrier that would not be disturbing for shipping. And after long deliberation, after one comes to the following motion:



The construction of the Measlandkering owner has been as difficult as coming up with a solution to the problem of what to build flood barrier in the New Waterway. You’ll wonder why it is so difficult to build than, well, there are many reasons why the construction of the Measlandkering was not as easy as it seemed. Indeed, there were strict requirements on the building made. So if during construction the shipping is not hindered by the work. The channel had anyway 360 meters wide and 17 meters deep. but everything had to be very precise. An object that was used but could for example only 10mm different if he would be 100 meters long!!

But were there were problems. After a few tests they found out that when certain conditions present just the Measlandkering would be built would be uncontrollable swing which means the Measlandkering after the first storm would have broken ground because the flow would be very high [Venturi flow ). So they had to devise a solution

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