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The Brabantse Biesbosch is now a beautiful nature and recreation for everyone. Obviously, the area also its history, what has previously played in the area. Who were the cherry cage and reed cutters. And how is the area created? One thing is for sure more than 600 years ago were in the area – which now is water – cities and villages

The origins of the Biesbosch

The Biesbosch was created in 1421. But if you want to know the origin of the Biesbosch click on the link below and discover how Biesbosch formed.


National Park  the Biesbosch

Now the Biesbosch a National Park and that means it is a protected area. The Biesbosch is also used as a recreation area and it goes well with nature. Click on the link to read why the Biesbosch has become a national park and you can find the same address where you can write for more information.


Who worked in the Biesbosch?

From almost anywhere in the world and so people living in the Biesbosch. But what brought the people now need in wilderness to live and what could they actually do for work? How was it lived, what were the circumstances? Curious? Click the link!


The Spaarbekkens

The Biesbosch is not only a recreation and a National Park but also an area where drinking water is extracted for a large part of the Randstad. How this happened and how it actually may be a natural area is a drinking water you can read here .


Second world war.

During the second world war, the Biesbosch a very major role in transporting goods from the occupied Netherlands to the liberated Netherlands. To do that were”routes”gemaakt crossings were called. People who performed were dangerous was the so-called line crossers. Fancy a free trip to the Netherlands in the autumn of 1944….


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