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The flood of 1995 is still fresh in the memory of the people in Holland, because one of the worst flood disasters and also one of the latest flood disaster. What has removed all the water pollution and what’s happened you can read on the following pages.

The Story

The flood of 1995 was, when looking back, the last flood of the 20th century. In this part of the website you can find more facts then in the summary but also personal stories, beautiful and sad.


The flood of 1995 lasted 13 days. During those days a lot happened. Inhabitants of villages and cities had to be evacuated and others were fighting against the water. In the summary you can read the most important events that happened each day.

Day to Day

Want to read to personal stories but not all 13 ones? Than you can choice the option day to day. With this option you can choice each day seperatly.


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