Summary Flood 1995

Monday 23 January

The messages from abroad to do the worst. In France, Germany and Luxembourg has been continuously raining days. The rivers rise very fast there. The forecasts for the Meuse were also not good. This would certainly beyond its banks act as all that water would come to the Netherlands. The province of North Brabant had no fear because only the floodplain would overflow and that is not so bad. On this day, the increase of the Meuse within bounds.


Tuesday 24 January

The water falls into the Meuse that day a bit but there is no reason to be optimistic because the weather are not good. In northern and central Limburg now appear the first sandbags. Along the banks of the Maas at Roermond is an emergency dike built around the center dry. In the center of Venlo, the shopkeepers already started sealing of their shops.


Wednesday 25 January

The first people are advised to leave. This concerns the residents of Itteren and Borgharen. In total of 3600 residents. Rijkswaterstaat still do not know how high the water will eventually come. There are rumors that the 46 meters above NAP. According to Department of Public Works is still gazing.

Thursday 26 January

The weather in Europe has more than 25 human lives. In the Netherlands, luckily no one was injured or slain by the high water. Only the weather is not favorable in the Netherlands. KNMI predicts a strong wind which causes the dikes even harder to endure.


Friday 27 January

Limburg is the first in an evacuation event, the first three thousand people to flee from the ever-rising river. Thousands of others are considering it. The Maas at Borgharen a state reached 5.63 meters. The high water has caused Itteren laggards in the village can no longer possible because the access to and from Itteren were flooded.


Saturday 28 January

The Meuse continues to rise. It begins now more concerned to make in other villages. Some villages prepare for an evacuation. Politics Hague lets her nose also seen in the affected area. And of course …. The first disaster tourists, but the authorities have already taken measures to minimize inconvenience.


Sunday 29 January


Monday 30 January

A true migration started in the basins of the Maas, Waal, Lek and Rhine. Tens of thousands of people are trying to find a safe haven. This leads to large files. The dikes in the country and Bommeleerwaard van Altena are really jumping on.


Tuesday 31 January

These days there are again thousands of people away for the high water. The majority of residents and Tieler Culemborgerwaarden, which should be required to leave their homes. Most people who have to flee from Bommelerwaard have found shelter bijfamilie or friends. Those without shelter can be found housed in the Autotron in Rosmalen.


Wednesday 1 February

The condition of the levees is critical. Ochten in the dyke over a length of 800 meters unreliable. The Waaldijk in Hurwenen flawed. But there is one bright spot as the water drops in Limburg.


Thursday 2 February

Not all the good news is actually good, since by water drops very quickly (30) inches per day are experts fear that the levees break down because they really are soaked. In Limburg, the residents of Itteren and Borgharen back home.


Friday 3 February

The water level keeps bags. And the dikes remain stable. The moment the people who had fled to return home can reverse seems to be getting closer. And many people also want to go home as quickly as possible.


Saturday 4 February

The people fled from the Ooijpolder () around 55,000. And the people from the land of Maas and Waal given by Minister of Home Affairs) (Dijkstal told they must return. The trip is peaceful and people from other areas that have fled are still waiting.


Sunday 5 February

Now may the inhabitants of Tieler Culemborgerwaarden and Bommelaarwaard home. These are approximately 180,000 people. Also this retreat is quiet but also because public transportation is free.


Monday 6 February

The delta plan for the rivers is almost ready. The most important of this plan is the weakest dikes as soon as possible to strengthen. There are now also taken to ensure that the A2 is no longer flooded. This day may also be the last people who had fled home. This means an official end to the flood of 1995.

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